João Carlos Alves
Celorico de Basto, 1989
Graduated in Architecture in 2014 from Oporto University (FAUP) after studying one year in Barcelona University in 2012-13 (ETSAB) integrated in ERASMUS programme. Started to work in Geneva, Switzerland, in September of 2014, as a collaborator at GM Architectes Associés for 5 years. In 2018 started developing independent work, posting theoretical and utopic projects in instagram as @joaocarlostalves. The instagram profile explores the potential that architecture has for storytelling, to carry people to new worlds. Interviewed for ARCH-VIZZ, Arquitectura y Diseño and Archinect, three online magazines, this research projects became a way to express ideas and a vision of architecture, between reason and emotion, showing that architecture can be more than just a building or a space. At the end of 2018, João Carlos Alves was invited by Antilia Gallery to make a model/sculpture, reinterpreting the city of Perinzia (described by Italo Calvino on his book “Invisible Cities”) to take part in a collective exhibition in Bitonto, Italy, among the work of others invited artists and architects. In 2019, João Carlos Alves founded atelier ponto e vírgula.