Liliana Franco Teixeira
Coimbra, 1989
Graduated in Architecture in 2013 from Coimbra University (FCTUC) after studying one year in Milan University in 2010-11 (PoliMI) integrated in ERASMUS programme. Before finishing university, worked as an intern in SPA Sadowski, Sadowska in Póznan, Poland, and in AV62 Arquitectos in Barcelona, Spain. Liliana Teixeira took part in several associations as a volunteer and co-founded the Coimbra Chapter of EpDAH (Engineering for Development and Humanitarian Aid) in 2011, becoming a board member of the direction between 2011 and 2014. Started working in Geneva, Switzerland, in February of 2014, as a collaborator at darius golchan atelier d’architecture et d’urbanisme until December 2015 and after at acau architecture from January of 2016 to the present day. In September of 2019, presented at IABSE Congress in New York, USA, as project leader, the actaris projet, a affordable ecological building in mass timber, that will become one of the tallest building in Switzerland made with wooden structure, developed at acau architecture as a result of a 1st prize in an architecture competition. In 2019, Liliana Franco Teixeira founded atelier ponto e vírgula.