Houses & more houses

Workshop developed in a kindergarten with a group of 25 children from 3 to 6 years old during a week. "Houses and More Houses" proposes a reflection on the places we live in, identifying the different inter spaces of a house and exploring the spatial relationships between them and their relationship with the activities that take place in them. Through debating in group and through the development of a house’s model with cardboard boxes, this project has developed in the children the ability of visualization, whether in space or in the plane, the geometrical knowledge and spatial reasoning.

Location: Coimbra
Date: 2013
Programme: Imaginary house
Type of project: Education workshop

Project published in C:E:I [Cadernos de Educação de Infância] nº101, January-Abril 2014, article Casa e mais casas (co-authored with Anabela Franco), p.23-24.